At the Office

Collectively Improving



A great organizational culture is the key to developing traits necessary for business success. Your culture affects everything from productivity to the bottom line. Organization culture determines how business is accomplished, how your employees interact with each other, and more specifically how your employees interact with your customers. There are sub-cultures within organization culture where teams group together developing their own distinct norms, viewpoints, beliefs, expectations, and reward structures. Therefore, there are numerous factors that must be considered when trying to externalize a cohesive and outstanding performance amongst your employees. There must be a shared mission, focus, values among them to bring out an environmental harmony of achievement and success. When there is not a firm foundation in the establishment of team unanimity it can lead to communication breakdown, mistrust, and discord.

Are you able to delegate?

Are you having issues with retention?

Are you the brains of the operation?

If you answered with anything less than an enthusiastic “YES” to these questions, your business is below its optimal level of performance.


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