Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, and Human Resources Expert


RaQuel Hopkins confidently operates through life with targeted intention and purpose trusting her keen instinct to help guide her through the daily challenges of life. Despite some of the endeavors she has had to endure, her spirit and faith within has remained constant and unwavering. However, Hopkins continuous growth is the result of making deliberate and purposeful decisions that at times have been extremely difficult but necessary. Consequently, she bears an arduous internal turmoil that has left her sometimes doubtful of outcomes, but her profound vigor has been able to strongly steer her through grappling uncertainty.

Creating a career that mirrors her distinct individuality is what RaQuel has proudly accomplished. It is through this vessel of performance that she serves world class leaders that are greatly willing to do whatever task it requires to become the best version of themselves personally and for the organizations that they serve. Raquel’s coaching specialty is evolving high functioning /high achieving individuals who continuously carry immense strain with finding aligned symmetry in the areas of career, business, health and family. She explores the troubles they face with being in constant “fight or flight “ operation and helps them to get back to functioning authentically to help obtain internal and external serenity. She is also not foreign to the “imposter syndrome”, and feelings of restless inadequacy towards work performance. Raquel has already undergone this crucial process of growth and knows that this development is much easier to experience with standing support and personal accountability. She earnestly implements techniques within her coaching to manifest the dormant attributes that are beneficial in cultivating personal prosperity and success.


RaQuel has a MBA in International Business and has worked in the telecom industry as Vice President of Human Resources. In addition, she holds the following:

  • Certified Professional Coach

  • Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation

  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

  • Forbes Coaches Council Member

  • Associate Fellow in Talent Management from Wharton

  • Therapist in Training

  • Published Author

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