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Too Many Directions, Too Many Decisions, Too Little Time... Life these days seems more chaotic than ever! We are overloaded with information, and just when we get used to something – it changes. 


To attain your highest levels of leadership potential and performance, you need to be engaged and a self-leader first. Optimizing your leadership potential is about understanding what fuels your performances and what hinders them. 


We often get so ingrained and complacent in life that its often challenging to view things from a fresh perspective. It is difficult to fathom and digest the possibilities that exist out there in the world when we are so familiar with operating within what we have deemed safe for so long. 


A great organizational culture is the key to developing traits necessary for business success. Your culture affects everything from productivity to the bottom line. Organization culture determines how business is accomplished, how your employees interact with each other, and more specifically how your employees interact with your customers.


It is constructive and gainful to utilize a life coach. Coaches listen to you with intent and purpose. Coaches work to manifest prescribed strategies to help you accomplish your goals. A coach can help unmask those life deterrents that stop progress towards your mark of ambition by creating a custom action plan. Thus, broadening your viewpoints on new prospects and capabilities.

An effective coach is a proficient listener, and brings about powerful questions moving you in the direction of implementing and executing the work for life’s tasks, all while remaining professionally objective as you steadily climb towards solutions and possibilities that will aid in your personal growth.


Raquel coached me through the patterns my mind had created of staying smaller and not shining so bright because I want everyone to feel comfortable and in my past this has made others uncomfortable.  As she worked with me through this limiting belief and non-beneficial narrative, I realized that the very thing I was afraid of was the thing I needed to lean into.  Since then I remember that moment every time I want to shrink up, take up less space, or fear that I may be judged.  It reminds me that I have the God given right to take up space in the name of love, no matter what!


I am so thankful to have met Raquel and her presence makes the world a better place.  Thank you for being fearlessly you!

Kelli Mason